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Don't believe these 5 supplement myths!

By Girish December 26, 2021 0 comments

 5 Supplement Myths

Dietary supplements are gaining more popularity in today’s time than ever. But are you fully aware of the supplements that you are taking? It is important to understand the appropriate functioning of the supplements and eliminate all myths, misunderstanding and superstitions that prevail amongst most people as to the usage and outcomes of the supplements.

The more the better

Unfortunately, it is not true in the case of dietary supplements. It is important to consume dietary supplements in the right dosage or as prescribed.

Our advice: Talk to a nutritionist before you decide to invest in dietary supplements.

Understand your nutritional needs first and then invest!

The availability of the supplements in the market without the need for a prescription allows people to think that they can be consumed in dosages as per convenience. Additionally, it is also important to be aware of the right dosage of dietary supplements as large doses can hamper with normal body functions. 

The label of being ‘natural’ on dietary supplements

Be wiser and don't just consume dietary supplements because your gym partner suggested you do so or you saw a fancy advertisement about the same.

A lot of people these days visit supermarkets and pharmacies looking for dietary supplements that are ‘natural’. Surprisingly, the term ‘natural’ does not have an effect on the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements. Plant based compounds do have medicinal properties, however there is much more to it.

‘Prebiotics and probiotics are the cure for everything.’ Doesn't this statement sound cliche to you? It sure does to us. 

There is no doubt about the fact that gut bacteria are vital to great health. In recent times, an array of supplement products has come up that claim to improve gut health. The rise of prebiotics and probiotics has been evident, however the science of gut microbiome is upcoming and young and thereby, emphasizes on the need to righteously consume these supplements.

Apparently, antioxidants in supplements extend lifespan. Is there any evidence that backs up this statement? 

Antioxidants are the compounds that prevent the oxidation taking place in the body. Supplements at times claim to be consisting of antioxidant properties, however it is important for you to understand that antioxidants can in no way extend your lifespan.

Mineral supplements can protect your heart health 

Here’s an eye opener for you!

The entire idea that suggests the capability of mineral supplements protecting heart health is reassuring. However, it is vital for you to know that the recent research on the same has been unable to identify any significant benefits of mineral supplements in protecting the health of your heart. 


We believe in ‘prevention is better than cure’ and is the foundational thought behind our supplements.

It is of utmost importance for you to be aware of the right usage, dosage and effect of the dietary supplements prior to spending your money on them and then consuming them.

The premium dietary supplements offered by HERBgen are a seamless blend of traditional ingredients and cutting-edge science that are clinically proven for bringing out the best outcomes in terms of preventive healthcare. 

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