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Herbal immunity boosters: Substantial warriors against viruses & bacteria

By Girish December 26, 2021 0 comments

Herbal Immunity Boosters

If there’s one thing that India learnt from Covid-19, right at the top of our head would be the word ‘Immunity’. (Finally) Indians (let's say the most) are leaning toward working on regimes and foods that empower immunity. Has it just dawned upon us that the immune system is responsible for defending the body against diseases and illness?

The entire system of the body comprises organs, tissues, bone marrow, blood and skin cells that work in a collaborative manner to protect the body against pathogens that are potentially harmful, inclusive of viruses and bacteria and also limit the amount of damage caused by non-contagious or non-infectious agents. 

Herbal immune boosters’ can prove to be our saviours! Really? Yes, let’s learn how.

Did you know, herbal immune boosters function is to provide your body the much-needed nutrition and help the body to detoxify.
They function by strengthening the immune system of the body to fight against disease-causing pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

How does a good immune system prove to be a boon for you?

The immune system of your body acts as a barricade made up of a highly integrated and coordinated system of chemicals, tissues, proteins, cells and organs that helps protect the body from different types of pathogens inclusive of both bacteria and viruses.

Especially with the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic as a worldwide pandemic, key steps and measures must be considered that help fight the danger that the pandemic virus poses for us and our families.

While maintaining personal hygiene standards and taking measures to disinfect regularly are important, the methods that help improve immunity and practice preventive care are of paramount importance in today's time.

Spices as herbal immunity boosters (Did you even consider that option when thinking of strengthening immunity?)

Yes, some of us think Jeera Paani can help, or maybe turmeric can be great too. But spices in general? What do you think? How much do you understand the real effects of spices?Your habits and diet patterns play a greater role in shaping your health and immunity than you think. 

From our Dadi to pados wali Tai ji, Turmeric has been India’s magical spice. It is composed of a compound known as the curcumin that immensely helps boost the functions of the immune system. Garlic on the other hand, is highly anti-inflammatory with anti-viral characteristics that greatly enhance the immunity of the body. These ingredients are vital to the herbal immunity boosters and help you practice preventive health in its truest form.

Consuming the right amount of nutrients in the form of herbal immune boosters or dietary supplements as part of a balanced and varied diet for optimum well-being, health and functioning of all types of body cells, especially the immune cells of the body.


The nutrients that you get from food such as plant-based foods are vital for maintaining the functioning of the body. Precisely, plant-based foods have antimicrobial and antiviral properties that help fight a wide range of infections. These plant-based foods are the backbone of herbal immune boosters and therefore are substantial warriors against bacteria and viruses.

So, plants are really more than just pollution fighters. They are our lifeline and very much part of our physical being.

HERBgen’s dietary supplements are made with traditional ingredients and cutting-edge science that will help protect your body from infectious pathogens and the regular consumption of these nutraceuticals boosts the immunity of the body.   

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