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How to do away with dry skin and give your winter skincare regimen a boost?

By Saffron Imops April 19, 2022 0 comments

Give Your Winter Skincare Regime A Boost

Is the winter troubling you with dry and itchy skin? Well, let’s understand the winter skin care regimen in a bit more detail. 

Along with the festive joy, frosty winters also bring a tough time for the skin. In these cold months, the humidity level in the air drops, the inside is warm and heated up, and the outside is frosty. These factors contribute to dry, itchy, flaky and non-glowy skin that we surely don’t want for ourselves.

But, wait! We have the perfect solution to bring the glow and radiance back to your skin and make it feel absolutely healthy, hydrated and happy. Want to find out more about it? Let’s peep through the right habits.

Hot Showers or Warm Showers?

Winters are super chilly, and taking a bath with room temperature water can be challenging. Precisely stating, winters are all about hot showers, aren’t they? But did you know hot showers can make your skin dry, lagging moisture? Yes, it does! So, what can you do? Try to lower the temperature of the water and take it from hot to lukewarm. Also, do not use the same water for your face. Something colder will do the best for your facial skin. 

Oils are your best friend!

Remember when your mother told you to use sarso ka tel in winters? But, why?

Oils make up for so many solutions to winter season challenges. It definitely does wonders, from keeping the body warm through healthy fats to moisturizing the skin through external application. 

So, how exactly do you use oils in winters? First, pick up oils whose consistency is heavier. So, it can be coconut oil, argan oil, avocado oil and others. You can put a few drops of any oil you like in your bathtub, use it as an after-bath moisturizer, or mix it in your body scrubs. It will help in preventing dryness caused due to thorough washing of the skin. 

Layer of woolens

To tell you the fact, the layering up of woolen on your body would not allow the moisture to penetrate through the skin, making it extra dry and flakey. We have a solution! But, first, you need to remember that wearing a good amount of woolen is mandatory, and you don’t need to compromise on that. Instead, try dry brushing that will help eliminate the roughness and remove the dead skin cells away from the skin. You can also use a scrub once in a week followed by a thick moisture-locking cream or just coconut oil (that is just the best option). 

Are you avoiding SPF in winters? You need to hear this out!

Directly or indirectly, we are always exposed to the sun during the daytime. Sun damage can cause untimely aging of the skin, wrinkles, and in extreme cases, skin cancer. During winters, the sunlight is warm and cosy, and that’s why we love soaking the sunlight. But the sunlight still has UVA/UVB rays that can contribute to the damage. So, use a milder sunscreen; maybe an SPF 40 would do, but do not skip this step just because it is the winter month going on! 

Taking care of your skin from the inside is equally important. Ensure you feed your skin well in terms of the nutrients you are consuming. Stroll through HERBgen’s best skin supplements and help your skin stay nourished from the inside and glowy from the outside. 

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