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Improving Blood Circulation With Food Supplements

By Saffron Imops March 14, 2022 0 comments


Who in this world DOES NOT like flushing red cheeks, rosy lips, and the natural blush? Well, I will let you in on a secret, maybe a couple of them but before letting the cat out of the bag I am quickly going to hit you up with some facts.

Reduced blood flow circulation can cause many problems -  muscle cramps, numbness, digestive issues, coldness of hands and feet, and more.

Below we have listed the crucial dietary supplements that create a super healthy and oxygenated highway for the blood to travel and carry nutrients to your skin, hair, heart, and every organ of your body. 

Food supplements that can help with proper blood circulation:

Vitamin E

The holy grail of all the vitamins. This one helps with eyes, hair, and immune health. People who suffer from deficiency of Vitamin E tend to suffer from high blood pressure since lack of vit E results in stiffening of arterial walls. vit E supplement intake can help with cold feet and hands too. 

Vitamin D

Next time you walk into your boss’s office asking for leaves, tell them you have a genuine reason - “Sunbathing on the beach” sounds like a good plan especially if you’re deficient on the vit D levels in your body! And you can always have supplements in case the leave request gets rejected. 

Vit D supplements help with important processes inside the body like calcium absorption, immune regulation, mood stability, and bone mineralization. Also helps keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is the most essential form of food supplements that you might be missing. Different parts of the vit B family have different roles to perform inside a human body, energy storage, and use, forming haemoglobin, and using folic acid. Vitamin B6 & B12 is most beneficial for circulation as it helps to keep the nerve cells working well. The absence of enough vitamin B12, will not let the body create enough red blood cells. The result of this could be fatigue and weakness.


HERBgen offers some great nutritional and health supplements. The brand’s Marine Collagen-15, which comprises fish oil, is again a good source of Omega-3. Apart from all of these supplements, adapting to some lifestyle changes will help as well. Getting exercise, quitting smoking, and decreasing stress.

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