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Is your supplement real or ingenuine? How can you tell?

By Girish December 26, 2021 0 comments

 is your supplement Real Or Fake?
An approximate of 60 to 70 percent of the dietary supplements present in the Indian market are either ingenuine, unapproved or unregistered! Yes, it is true. It's high time we realize that blindly following advice related to nutritional supplement consumption from our best friend, relatives, or our neighbors is the last thing you want to do for your health.
The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all cautious about our health. Starting from eating healthy, exercising regularly to consuming dietary supplements, everyone believes that it's imperative to take measures for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
However, with a number of supplements available in the market, it is tough to make out the difference between the genuine and the fake ones.
Are you aware of the supplements which are not approved or registered that are potentially being sold at your nearby market? It is important to know that some of the supplements contain banned substances that can be either spurious ingredients, substandard ingredients, preservatives, artificial colour like additives, toxins, pesticides, herbicides or steroids with side effects but appear to be just like their original version.

Now, why is this a matter of concern? The unwanted ingredients can cause ever lasting damage to your body. Given the increase in the demand for dietary supplements in the past few years, both ingenuine and genuine supplements are equally thriving. 
Below mentioned are a few ways in which you can distinguish the ingenuine supplements from the real ones.

(A) Check your authentic product
  • Checking the packaging and the seal is important. 
  • Informational errors, unfamiliar logos can all indicate towards an ingenuine supplement. 
  • Check if the packaging is tampered in any way, if so, the product must be returned. 
  • Additionally, check if the product you are investing in is authorised and certified for distribution, has a standardised packaging and is a trusted brand with quality assurance. 

It’s a bitter truth- Supplements are expensive. So, think well before you invest!

(B) Check for FSSAI approval and compliance 
  • If you are a person who is not good at differentiating an ingenuine product from a genuine one, check for if the supplement has been approved by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Association of India) and if possible USFDA approved as well.
  • Note that all authentic dietary supplements undergo a number of tests and checks before they reach you.

  • HerbeGen’s supplements are scientifically and clinically researched, under stringent criteria of excellence in the USA, inspected by USFDA and certified by GMP.
(C) Check the supplement by dissolving in water
  • Here comes the best nuskha of all! Test the authenticity of the dietary supplements by mixing a spoon of it with water. If the supplement is ingenuine, there will be a leftover product in the form of a residue or a powder in the glass. A genuine supplement will leave behind no residue.
  • Also, the ingenuine supplements have an unpleasant aftertaste and smell, so beware of that too!

    (D) Check for accurate labelling 

  • A majority of the supplements available in the market are low on compliance with inappropriate labelling. Check for the right labelling on the product is important before going ahead and making a purchase.

  • Beware of the misleading health claims 
  • A number of trends and claims with regards to a product that a brand name is selling come and go in the market. However, it is important to identify if a product, in our case, dietary supplements do what they claim. At times, supplements claim to be vegan and scientifically researched but are not backed by human trials. 

Be honest to your body and make the right choice of dietary supplements with HerbGen’s US FDA approved supplements made with cutting-edge science and a seamless blend of ingredients that are customized for the needs of each individual.



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