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Introducing World class supplements for the ever evolving needs for nutrition changes with changing lifestyles and life stages by leveraging ancient remedial benefits - Ayurveda Heritage combined with R/D and cutting edge Technology.

Our Belief

Food alone is unable to fully meet our nutritional needs. Dietary supplements support the cause of disease prevention by addressing its many causes, including environmental factors, genetic predispositions, disease agents and poor lifestyle choices at its root.

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SCIENCE : Scientifically & clinically researched products under the strictest criteria of excellence in USA, USFDA inspected and GMP certified facilities.
Clinically proven and studied at internationally recognized CRO’s (Clinical Research Organizations), the studies are published in high impact factor medical journals.
Proprietary ingredients with enhanced properties.
Efficacy :Unique delivery form of Liquid Caps (U-CapsA®) for high efficacy and absorption.
Innovation : state of the art manufacturing with novel extraction technologies for unlocking the full potential of botanicals and create innovative products .
Safety Proven : 100% all natural, contains natural ingredients ,Free from toxins, pesticides, herbicides, free from artificial color and additives. Free of Gluten , Wheat , Dairy , Sugar, Preservatives.


Backed by human clinical studies

Validation of Efficacy

Clinically proven and studied

Patented Ingredients

Proprietary ingredients with enhanced properties

Novel Extraction Technologies

for better process timelines and greener process output

Safety Proven

100% all natural, contains natural ingredients


at FDA registered and state of the art facility in USA

Our Commitment

Pure & Safe

No Side Effects

Conscious packing



Our Ingredients

Motivating individuals towards a more responsible approach to supplement intake.


Founders Speak

We are committed to enable & support burgeoning health conscious people and community to adopt and lead a natural life with natural supplements

Pravin Rao

Co-founder | CMO
| Triathlete | Adventure Educationalist | Corporate Coach | Author | Dog Lover

We believe traditional supplements are not good enough and we can notice the consumer shift.
We set out challenge the status quo and reinvent much needed healthy, easy, convenient, natural and truly Next generation supplements

Suditi Bhadauria

Co-founder | CCO
Certified Nutritionist | Avid Fitness Enthusiasts | Lifestyle Influencer | Author | Dog Lover

Our endeavor is to provide the best and truly required nutrition organically and naturally by blending nature & science in the best possible way. To be your partner in your journey for good Personal health, fitness, performance
and wellness

Meet The Experts  

Designed and vetted by a team of Thought-Leaders working relentlessly to innovate formulas in the field of Health nutrition, Personal care & Wellness.

Seth Carson

Dr. K. G. Rao

Nutraceutical Manufacturing, USA

Having over 25+ years experience in manufacturing scientifically researched and clinically proven Dietary and Health Supplements in USA, Europe and Far East.

Thomas Son

Dr. Shavon

Research & Development, USA

A Licensed, Naturopathic Physician practicing and consulting in the natural medicine field for over 10 years with specialized training in the areas of fertility and hormone health. 


Mr. K. V. Rao

Ingredient Manufacturing, India

Engaged and specializes in manufacturing of nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and herbal extracts. Trusted supplier of natural ingredients to the top food companies in the world.

Our Investors

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Mr. Aman Gupta

Co Founder & CMO - boAt
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Mr. Sameer Mehta

Co Founder & Chief product officer  - boAt
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Mr. Peyush Bansal

Co-Founder, Chief Executive & People Officer - Lenskart
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Mr. Deepak Nautiyal

Director Consulting, APAC GlobalData Consumer
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Mr. Sambhav Rakyan

Managing Director | Partner, Willis Towers Watson